My Plate, My Planet Food for a Sustainable World

My Plate My Planet is a movement to grow, eat, vote and raise our voices for healthy food that supports a thriving ecosystem. We encourage dietary guidelines, countries, organizations and individuals to link food and sustainability and to save our world–one meal at a time.

My Plate, My Planet launched a campaign in 2015 representing nearly 200 leading environmental and health organizations and individuals in support of recommendations linking food and sustainability in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The initiative included advertisements in the New York Times, Washington Post and online on Politico and was instrumental in increasing public comments 14-fold; sending a letter in support from 700 health professionals to Secretaries Vilsack and Burwell; and a U.S. Conference of Mayors’ resolution urging sustainability into the Guidelines. This collective effort helped change the national dialogue about the links among diet, health and the environment. To learn more:

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My Plate, My Planet Global

Relaunching in 2016 with a global focus, My Plate, My Plate Global highlights countries around the world adapting their policy towards plant-based food solutions for climate change. Sweden, Brazil, the Netherlands, the UK, and China have already included “more plants, less meat” recommendations and sustainability and food language in their guidelines. The leadership of these nations shows the important role governments across the globe can play in ensuring a sustainable future for a To learn more: