The Dangers to Our Planet of Meat & Dairy

The news media and the world are becoming increasingly aware of the damage animal agriculture inflicts on the climate and our environment. Rarely a week passes without mention of the need to shift our diets away from meat and towards plants, for the survival of future generations. Catch up on some of the most seminal news stories below.

Featured News

June 3, 2018 | Civil Eats

Can Responsible Grazing Make Beef Climate-Neutral?

New research found that the greenhouse gases sequestered in one grass-fed system balanced out those emitted by the cows, but some meatless advocates are skeptical.
June 3, 2018 | Civil Eats

The Entrepreneur Making Healthy Food Accessible to Her Brooklyn Neighborhood

Frustrated by the limited healthy food options, Francesca Chaney opened Sol Sips, an affordable vegan café.
June 3, 2018 | Rolling Stone

Why is China Treating North Carolina Like the Developing World?

How lax regulation made it cheaper for China to outsource pork production – and all of its environmental and human costs – to the U.S.
June 3, 2018 | One Green Planet

95 School Districts Are Adding Plant-Based Options to the Menu for Meatless Monday!

The Meatless Monday campaign has partnered with Whitsons Culinary Group (a provider of nutrition services for public schools) to provide meatless options to 95 school districts across the Northeast.
June 3, 2018 | Thrillist

The vegan race wars: how the mainstream ignores vegans of color

Mainstream veganism, which advocacy sites like Vegan Voices of Color define as "white veganism," tends to overlook vegans of color by excluding them from the dominant discourse.
June 3, 2018 | Popular Science

One-fifth of Americans are responsible for half the country’s food-based emissions

How much variability there is in the greenhouse gas emissions of American diets? It turns out the answer is: a lot. Forty six percent of the total emissions from food came from the diets of just one-fifth of the population.
January 3, 2018 | The Guardian

Animal agriculture is choking the ​Earth and making us sick. We must act now

If we want the US’s majestic national parks, clean air and water for future generations we must press leaders to address food’s environmental impact, say authors James Cameron and Suzy Amis Cameron.
January 3, 2018 | Civil Eats

‘Big Milk’ Brings Big Issues for Local Communities

Mega-dairies are moving to Oregon, bringing concerns about their impacts on the state's rural communities, family farms, and environment.
January 3, 2018 | San Francisco Examiner

The school lunch recipe for climate action

Fortunately, some California schools are discovering a fairly simple way to take a big bite out of greenhouse gas emissions by cutting down on meat and dairy — and a school lunch program in Oakland offers an inspiring path forward.
January 3, 2018 | The New York Times

Black Vegans Step Out, for Their Health and Other Causes

Vegan cooking and eating are having a renaissance among black Americans, driven in part by movements like Black Lives Matter, documentaries like What the Health.