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Research Papers


The Buck Stops with the Science

A curated list of the leading studies and articles, our research library focuses on what we grow and eat and its impact on our environment. The library can be searched by category, from biodiversity loss to land use to water and more.

Fact Sheets

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Just the Facts, Ma’am

Don’t have time to read long academic studies? Turn to our fact sheets, organized by topics such as climate change, deforestation, health, consumer trends and more. Impeccably researched with citations, you can interact with them online or download them to share.


PPTF Videos

Got One Hot Minute?

Leading voices, cutting edge thinkers—these short videos will leave you ready to take action for the future of our planet and our children. Share the videos with your friends and family, your coworkers and colleagues.


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Pictures Worth a Thousand Pounds of Carbon

Hard hitting facts. Provocative and no nonsense quotes. Share vibrant images and quotes that shine the spotlight on the urgency of a plant-based diet to preserve the planet for future generations.